We will be sharing important information and documents here concerning Coronavirus.

Effective Monday 21st September we are asking Parents/Carers to support us by wearing a face covering while on the school site in line with additional Covid restrictions for Warrington.

24 Hour COVID 19 Reporting to School

With everything going on we need to make sure you can contact us at any point (including evenings and weekends) if you, your child or someone in your house gets a positive test result for COVID 19. You can do this by emailing our school office as it is regularly monitored evenings and weekends included.

The email address is parkroad_primary@omegamat.co.uk.

Following the announcement by the Government, school will be re-opening on Monday 8 March to all students.  We will be adding documents to this page to share information about the return to school.

Covid return to school March 2021

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Coronavirus Documents January 2021

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Archived Coronavirus Documents

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