We at Park Road believe that learning does not happen in isolation but is part of the rich experiential approach to the whole being and that learning is intrinsically linked to life skills, personal wellbeing and emotional resilience.  We believe that our children will become better equipped to learn if we give them these rich learning and life experiences and therefore they will make greater progress and achieve greater outcomes and potential.


To give all learners equal opportunity to experience a broad and rich range of extended learning and life opportunities in order to support their continued progress in learning, enhance their emotional wellbeing, develop life skills of collaboration, independence, curiosity, awe, wonder, problem solving, risk taking  and enjoyment.


We offer, as part of our curriculum learning, a weekly opportunity to share learning in a different environment to the classroom based, National Curriculum focused learning.

Practice and provision:

Each half term, we have a whole school focus with specific outcomes - please see the documents below for details. There is a 3-year cycle.  

Throughout the year, children will work within their class group and with other children across the school.  

Enrichment Overview

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