At Park Road, we have been using Seesaw for a number of years for a number of reasons:


  • To record a child’s work and progress
  • To show parents their child’s work in school and to keep them informed
  • To set work for children allowing interaction with teachers for assessment and feedback
  • To allow direct communication between parents and teachers
  • As the key communication tool between the school and families


Seesaw can be accessed by an app on tablets or smartphones or via a website for computers and the feedback we have received is that it is simple for children and families to use.  Please see below for information on the different ways that Seesaw is used.


What is Seesaw for Schools?

Seesaw for children (for home learning)

Seesaw for home learning allows children to access work set by their teacher and can be completed as homework or as remote learning.  Teachers can set the work in a number of ways to give children variety and keep them engaged. 


An invitation will be issued to every child to allow them to access Seesaw using the technology that they have available to them.  If accessing via a smartphone or tablet, you will be asked to download an app (Seesaw for Students) and will be asked to scan a QR code or input a code if unable to scan the QR code. 


To access Seesaw via computer, you will be directed to the website to log in and should select the option to log in as a student.  You will be asked to enter the 12-digit code that was on their invitation and will then be able to access their journal.


Only the teacher, your child and family members with access via Seesaw will be able to see their journal and any comments made on the journal will need to be authorised by the class teacher.  Your child’s journal will not be seen


If you have any problems accessing Seesaw, please contact the school office via email and they will be happy to help. 



Seesaw for families

Seesaw for families allows parents and family members to see their child’s journal and you will be able to comment on items in the journal but will not be able to add items to it.  Please remember that all comments will need to be approved by the class teacher and be aware that items may be added for the whole or multiple members of the class so please bear this in mind when commenting as anyone included on the journal item will be able to see your comment. 


The teacher will be able to use announcements to family members or will be able to send a message to a family member using the inbox function. Messages sent using the inbox function, will only be visible to the teacher and the family member, not to the child – this is the same for any reply made to these messages.