Each year, we canvas our parents/families to find out their views on the school.  Please find below the latest results and feedback.


Parental Questionnaire results and feedback, November 2022

Survey forms were left out at parents evening for parents to complete. A total of 64 parents completed these questionnaires. Thank you all of you who participated; you feedback is really important to us and helps us shape the experiences your children have whilst at school.







  • 100% strongly agree or agree ‘my child is happy at school’.
  • 100% strongly agree or agree ‘my child feels safe at school’.
  • 100% strongly agree or agree ‘my child makes good progress at school’.
  • 100% strongly agree or agree ‘my child enjoys their learning at school’.
  • 100% strongly agree or agree ‘I am happy with my child’s learning at school’.
  • 100% strongly agree or agree ‘children are dealt with fairly at school’.
  • 100% strongly agree or agree ‘my child is taught well’.
  • 100% strongly agree or agree ‘children are well behaved’.
  • 100% strongly agree or agree ‘Park Road is inclusive and welcoming’.
  • 100% strongly agree or agree ‘School responds well to any concerns raised’.
  • 98.44% strongly agree or agree’ I would recommend Park Road to another parent’ (can we ask the one parent who agreed with all the other questions but would not recommend PR, let us know why? Thankyou).


What are the strengths of Park Road?


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Thank you for your feedback. We are delighted that you believe the children and our community lay at the heart of Park Road and that teachers and teaching are also strengths. These are all the comments given.

Community and whole family focussed with children’s learning and wellbeing at the core. All staff are kind, caring and responsive.

A true community school- supportive.

Excellent teaching

Committed teaching staff.

Fantastic teachers helping H settle into the new class. Feel privileged to have staff come in to take them for music and PE. Also great variety on the dinner menu.

Small family orientated, makes everything feel more personal and like the children are all known by each member of staff.

Small, community feel. My child is happy to attend school. Staff are approachable/friendly.

Being inclusive to SEN children.

Friendly school, diverse and caring nature. High standard of teaching and learning.

Great communication via SeeSaw and newsletter. Always feels like a very caring and nurturing school.

Support and the community spirit. Dedication to children’s education.

Community feel! Lots of after school clubs!

The community feel and smaller classes. Reading embedded very early on.

My kids love coming to school and enjoy the topics you teach.

Lovely caring staff. Brilliant school.

Excellent support from teacher. Great support provided and love the SeeSaw updates and extra curricular activities.

All children are happy and teaching is amazing.

Community feeling, Community driven.

Considers views of parent/children when making decisions.

Small, welcoming.

Size and number of children in each class.

Different teachers know the pupils- i.e. a community.

Go over and above when required.

Children are encouraged to be kind and helpful.

Safe environment

Everyone is so friendly.

A really strong feeling of community, where the teachers go above and beyond. Not just teaching the children, caring about them as well.

Children encouraged to be unique individuals

They help all children and encourage them to do their best.

Children can grow at their own pace and are fully supported by staff.

Size of school in general, it’s a lovely close-knit community and just the right size!

I feel Park Road have really helped and support children’s needs. Any concerns are dealt with. If help or extra support is needed, actions are taken and it’s put in place.

Lovely school, engaging and inclusive.

Quick response to concerns and feedback.

Very good with communication and keep us updated.

Smaller year groups. I think this makes school feel more of a family and closer knowing the children.

Community feel. Great community.

The small size and community feel.

Listening to parents, responsiveness.

Being a smaller school it has a close community feel about it.

Community feel at the school is great.

Lovely small school where every child is known by the teachers

Whole school assembly.

Communications through SeeSaw.

Good morals

All children enjoy school and are very happy.

Mrs Parkinson has a clear direction for the school. Communication is good.



What things do you believe we can continue to improve?

These are all the comments given.

No concerns.

N/A x 5

Nothing at the moment. x 2. Happy, nothing to add.

Bring enrichment back!  x 2

We are planning for enrichment to return after Christmas. We wanted to make sure we were fully back up and running, and have re-introduced our enrichments and enhancements, such as parent assemblies, whole school performances, stay and play sessions etc. and enrichment is next! We have missed this too!

Soft surfaces in the playground to make it safer. Astro turf area for sports and PE. Some aspects of school infrastructure look tired. IT upgrades too.

Resurfacing and improving the playground space is on the Omega MAT Capital plan. Significant funds have been earmarked for these improvements. This did not take place this summer (this is a very big job and can only realistically take place during the summer break) due to supply/contractor availability etc, however, the work is intended to take place next summer. We will see if we can consider an Astro turf and other enhancements at the same time!

We are having the fascia boards cleaned and have replaced the fencing around the Reception area, repainted the benches and the wooden summer house- which we intend to use as a ‘wellbeing/quiet space’ when the weather improves and are planning on improving the pond/forest school area also. Please do let us know which areas you believe are looking tired, so we can ensure we address these specific areas, if we haven’t already. Thank you.

I have raised with the PFA about messages in the newsletter about donations for non-uniform days and how they can be more inclusive for families on lower incomes. All children are invited to join in even if they can’t donate.

This is a very valid point, especially with rising costs. Thank you for raising this. We would never not allow a child in non-uniform if they didn’t bring their requested donation and not all children do bring this donation, however, we do need to consider the way we word this so that all families feel included.

Communication re expectations in reading.

Sport – interschool tournaments in football/netball- team sport promotes inclusivity and resilience.

Sports in PE, after school club options.

We do agree with you about the power of sports to promote inclusivity and resilience. There haven’t been many opportunities over the past couple of years to participate in tournaments, however, we are now starting to attend events – a handball tournament at GSHS last week, for example. Part of the role of our new Sports Apprentice, Mr Savage, is to promote and develop our inter school competitions and tournaments. Watch this space!

Better after school clubs for girls and not just football and rugby. Netball would be a great option.

We do try to offer a range of fully inclusive sporting choices i.e. basketball (many girls attended), American football, multi sports as well as Rugby and football (we have offered a girls football club recently). Whilst we do try to ensure we have a range of sports offered, we take on board your comments and are now planning to re-establish our netball club from Spring 2 (once the weather picks up). Ms Harding and Mrs Parkinson have both run netball teams in the past and are keen to do so again, so as above, watch this space!

Can you contact us to give us more detail about what you mean by sports in PE? Thank you. We follow a comprehensive scheme which is progressive and covers core skills needed for a range of team sports i.e. invasion games/striking/fielding and so on, which are then applied in to a range of ‘real’ sports including tennis, badminton, football, hockey and cricket, applying these skills progressively across the year groups. The scheme also covers athletics, gymnastics and dance so that we give a really rounded approach to PE and the skills needed to apply to a range of sports/disciplines.

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up when multiple messages are sent via SeeSaw each day. It is easy to miss information/notices.

We do recognise that, whilst SS is a fantastic tool for communication, there can sometimes be a lot of information to receive. Our weekly newsletters generally contain much of the information you need and can also be found on the website, if you prefer to turn notifications off on SS? We do try to keep information sharing to the minimum and take your comments on board.

Better communication via SeeSaw on a daily activities in class.

We do monitor SS and ask that staff post a minimum number of posts a week and recognise that some post more than others, but we do also try to be mindful of staff workload. We will keep monitoring and finding ways to improve our SS offer so that it is consistent across school. Thank you for raising this point.

Communication. Consideration for working parents when timing events/communication.

Communication and the ways of communicating.

Parent Pay- store the information that we repeatedly have to keep re-entering.

Better communication when concerns are raised.

More time to talk to teachers one to one.

Communication methods to be streamlined further.

We do try to communicate effectively and have streamlined all our communication onto SeeSaw, so that we don’t send out hard copies, where possible, of letters (which often got missed in book bags and are not environmentally friendly) and welcome any feedback that will improve our communication for our families. I will raise this with our Parent Forum reps and ask that you give your class reps specific examples of where we can improve our communication so we can get this right for you? Thank you.

We do try to consider working parents and try to hold some of our events later on where we can i.e. an evening KS2 performance, late parents evenings etc, but some events have to take place around the hours of the school day. We also try where we can not to change dates that have been set for the year so that you can plan effectively, but on occasions, this is not always possible. We will work with you via Parent Forum to improve this, or, if you prefer, please do get in touch directly as we would love to hear what you experience and what you think will help improve this.


Parent Questionnaire Results and Feedback

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