The Governing Body at Park Road CP School is chaired by Pauline Crosthwaite, who has been a Governor since March 2017 .  Pauline or any other member of the Governing Body can be contacted through the School Office.

Welcome from the Chair of Governors

I have been a member of the Governing Body of Park Road School for over 4 years, having joined originally because I wanted to use my skills and experience from working in the financial sector to support the effective running of the school, enabling the teaching staff to deliver the highest quality of education to the children.

Since joining the Governing Body, I have been continually impressed by the motivation and commitment of the headteacher, Nicky Parkinson, and all of her team in delivering not just a high standard of education, but in creating a safe, nurturing, welcoming, and enriching school community.  These are values that I, and the entire Governing Body wholeheartedly support and they are interwoven into the vision and strategy for the school.

My time on the Governing Body has seen the school faced with a lot of change and some unprecedented challenges.  Through our conversion to an Academy, becoming one of the founding members of the Omega Multi Academy Trust, to the school closures of 2020 and early 2021 as a consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic, plus the challenges of resuming face-to-face learning in a Covid-safe manner, our priorities have, and remain, to continually deliver the best possible primary school experience for our children.

Throughout the many challenges, the school has continuously adapted, rapidly implementing new ways of remote learning and communication, whilst working closely with parents and carers to ensure they have the necessary support available.

Both of my children attended Park Road and have now progressed onto high school and I can honestly say that they thrived at Park Road.  They were given the opportunity to try so many different experiences - from looking after the chickens to visiting the Houses of Parliament, and have been able to progress onto (and nearly through!)  high school with not just a good academic foundation, but with confidence, maturity and respect for others.

If you are considering Park Road for your child, please do try to attend one of our Autumn term open days or contact the school directly to discuss further.  I trust that you will find the school to be a welcoming and enriching environment.  

If you have any questions regarding the role of the Governing Body, or indeed would like to consider supporting the Governing Body as a Governor yourself, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Pauline Crosthwaite
Chair of Governors
Park Road CP School

Co-opted Governors are people appointed by the board and who, in the opinion of the board, have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.

Parent Governors are elected by the parents of all students who are registered at the school. When a vacancy occurs, parents are informed by a letter from the Headteacher and nominations are invited.

Staff Governors are elected by their fellow members of staff, Park Road has 1 member of staff on the Governing Body. The Headteacher is also a governor.



Meet Our Governors

Mrs Pauline Crosthwaite

Parent Governor/Vice Chair

Co-Opted Governor, elected to the Governing Body 24 March 2017, term of office ends 5 October 2024 Specific role: Chair of Governors No pecuniary interests Both of my children attended Park Road School, and when the opportunity arose to join the governing body of the school, I was eager to get involved and help support the school to deliver high quality education in a welcoming and nurturing environment. With a background in finance and data, and having always worked in corporate environments, I am continually inspired by the passion and dedication of all the staff at Park Road to the children. I have been a governor for over 4 years and recently became Chair of Governors. I am committed to continually challenge and support the school to deliver the very best start for the children it serves.

Mr Dave Platt

Co-opted Governor/Chair of Governors

Co-opted Governor, term of office ends 23 February 2024, Vice Chair of Governors. Specific role: Health and Safety, Vice Chair of Governors. No pecuniary interests. Dave joined the Governing Body because given the challenging and rapidly changing environment that education finds itself in, he wanted to devote some of his time and experience to support the school. He hopes that he can contribute to help the school make the best of its resources, enabling it to bring out the best in the pupils (including his own son!) for whom 7 years at Park Road CP School will form a lasting and very positive memory.

Ms Lilly Lo

Co-Opted Governor

Co-opted Governor, term of office to end 24 March 2023. Specific role: Safeguarding Governor. Lilly was an English teacher at Great Sankey High School, from 2008 to 2021. In the last few years, she provided extra-curricular opportunities for Y5 and 6 Park Road students, by inviting them to enrichment sessions at the high school. She also took an active role in providing effective transition experiences, to introduce how English is taught at KS3. Being a governor at Park Road allows her to sustain established links to the Omega MAT, whilst supporting students in terms of Safeguarding. She is keen to encourage a continued love of English in students at Park Road, whilst supporting staff and the wider school as well. Currently, Lilly is an NTP intervention tutor, supporting secondary school students with learning lost in English, during lockdowns / school closures.

Dr Michelle Kilmurray

Parent Governor

Michelle's term of office will end on 15/12/2023 Michelle works part time as an NHS Clinical Psychologist, and is experienced in working with children and families in NHS settings. She is passionate about promoting emotional resilience and well being for all children. Michelle is keen to use her time on the governing body to support school's existing plans to promote this.

Matthew Jones

Co-Opted Governor

Co-opted Governor, term of office ends 31 January 2026, no pecuniary interests. Matthew joined the Park Road Board of Governors in February 2022. He is currently a law student at the University of Liverpool and is due to pursue teacher training with the Omega Multi-Academy Trust in September 2022. Throughout his education, he has always joined various different committees in order to represent the student voice. For example, he is currently a Faculty Representative at University, where he sits on a committee which monitors the teaching and learning provision within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. He was also heavily involved in extra-curricular activities of this nature at sixth form and secondary school. Matthew decided to join the Park Road Board of Governors, as he believes that this is an excellent way to make another learning environment a better place for pupils, particularly following the disruption to education caused by the pandemic.

Mr Richard Hirst

Co-Opted Governor

Co-opted Governor, term of office ends May 2023, Richard's wife, Kate, is the school's Office Manager. Richard joined the Park Road Board of Governors in May 2022. He is currently retired and had previously worked for nearly 40 years as a Boilermaker, Team leader and Workshop Manager at a chemical manufacturer. He has a background in Health and Safety and had previously been an elected Parent Governor while his children were at Park Road and before his wife worked at the school.

Mrs Nicky Parkinson

Head Teacher

Mr Peter Finch

Staff Governor

Peter is the Maintenance officer at the school and has recently become the Staff Governor. Peter joined the Governing Body on 9 October 2017 and his term of office ends on 8 October 2021.


Former Governors

Mr Gary Jenkins

Co-opted Governor

Co-opted Governor, term of office to end 6 June 2023 Managing Director/Co-Owner – No Brainer Agency Pecuniary Interests: Gary is the husband of Lisa Jenkins, Reception class teacher. All three of my children have experienced life as a pupil at Park Road Community Primary School and it’s an experience they’ve all enjoyed and treasure looking back, now that they’re all in high school. It’s a school that cares for its children, celebrates their individuality, and supports and values the community it serves. Maintaining and enhancing that is really important to me. I have been a governor for almost ten years, my wife is a reception teacher at school, and Park Road is part of our lives, so I feel it’s important to give back and help shape a brighter world for young people.

Mrs Steph Kidd

Parent Governor

Term of office begins 20 October 2020, resigned 27 September 2022

Governor Meeting Information/Attendance

In February 2019, the Governing Body agreed to meet as a Full Governing Body six times a year, rather than three times with three further committee meetings of two additional committees. This is so that governors can put in place a schedule of meetings, each with a clear focus on School Improvement and Governors' Vision Strategy.

All governors attend Six Full Governing body meetings per year, twice a term.

All meetings run from 5.30pm to 7.30pm, unless otherwise stated.

Each meeting has a key focus. All agenda items and dates for the meetings are agreed at the start of each year.

Governors with specific responsibilities visit school and meet with school leads for their specific areas at least three times a year, once a term and will report to governors with notes of visits/impact reports against their priority areas.  These priority areas are linked to the school improvement plan.

The focus of each termly visit will be agreed at the first meeting of the year.

Governor Meeting Attendance

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Declaration of Personal, Business and Educational Interests

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Who can become a governor?

Almost anyone over 18 years of age can become a governor. There are no particular qualifications or requirements, other than a willingness to give time to the role and a capacity for working with other people. There are different types of school with different categories of governor.

The types of state schools in England are:

  • community
  • voluntary controlled
  • voluntary aided
  • foundation
  • trust – a type of foundation school
  • academies, free Schools & City Technology Colleges (CTCs) – independent state funded schools

There are also different categories of governor:

  • parent
  • staff
  • foundation
  • partnership
  • local authority
  • co-opted

The type of governor you will become depends on your situation; however all governors have the same roles and responsibilities once part of the governing board.

How do I become a governor/trustee?

If you think you have what it takes to be a school governor or trustee there are a number of ways of finding schools that have vacancies:

  • You can use the free Inspiring Governance website
  • You can contact your local school to ask if they need a new governor/trustee
  • You can contact your local council

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