The Governing Body at Park Road C.P. School is chaired by Dave Platt.  Dave has been a Co-opted Governor since February 2016 and his son joined the school as a pupil in 2013.  Dave or any other member of the Governing Body can be contacted through the School Office.

Message from the Chairs of Governors

"My reasons for becoming a governor were primarily to give some of my time and experience in supporting the school, to do what I could to help bring out the best in the children and enable them to achieve their potential in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment.  This is particularly important as successive Governments have changed priorities within the education system along with all the discussion you will have seen in the press about academy conversion.  I have never been involved in education previously, having spent my entire working life in the engineering industry, both in the UK and overseas.  I do see this as a benefit though, and enables me to complement the professional educators within the school teaching staff in a way where we benefit from each other’s experiences.”

As a member of the Governing Body I have seen Park Road grow and develop significantly thanks to the excellent work that Nicky Parkinson and her team have been doing.  Now of course we are moving towards academy status, which in simple terms means we will be taking control of our own destiny, managing the school budgets and systems without the involvement of the local authority.  This doesn’t mean however any changes to the character of the school, and in fact the Governing Body has been clear from the start that the school values must not be impacted by this change.  To this end, we have been very careful in selecting other schools to partner with in what is known as a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT).  You will know by now we are to become part of ‘Omega MAT’ and getting involved as early as we have in the building of the MAT has enabled us to define its principles with the needs of Park Road firmly established in the core of the policies and procedures that are being established.

I see this change as an exciting, albeit somewhat challenging, but ultimately a beneficial move for Park Road.  Our aim is to see the majority of children coming through Park Road, who move on to Great Sankey High, experience a seamless 11-year period of education rather than the two distinct phases typically associated with primary then secondary education.  Working in this way will better prepare the children for the high school environment and assist teachers to understand children’s needs prior to the transition phase.

If you have any questions regarding the role of the Governing Body, or indeed would like to consider supporting the Governing Body as a Governor yourself, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Dave Platt
Chair of Governing Body

September 2017