Year 1 pupils have been busy bees this half term creating an Enchanted Fairy Garden, finding out how to move robot bugs using algorithms and learning new skills to create sculptures!  

At Park Road Community Primary School the children have become programmers in Computing, learning how to type algorithms to make BeeBots move through obstacle courses.

BeeBots are small, programmable devices that resembles a friendly bee. The robots introduce children to the basics of programming and coding.

In Art, they have been using different folding, rolling and joining skills to create paper sculptures and the children are very proud of their creations! 

The Year 1 Enchanted Fairy Garden is coming along nicely ready for the school Flower Show due to take place at the end of the year. They have planted pansies and herbs to create colour and smells, and even made bird feeders to encourage local birds to visit the garden!

The children are also quickly becoming expert mathematicians, learning how to share into halves and quarters.

What a great term! Well done Year 1.