Computing, formerly known as ICT, is an integral part of teaching and learning at Park Road Community Primary School. The children benefit from a wide range of technical resources, with online capabilities at the centre of their learning.

However, access to the internet and other e-learning resources requires training, guidance and advice to ensure that everyone learns in a safe environment. Along with the training the children receive within school, we have compiled a list of sites which offer guidance to children and parents on the safe use of e-learning tools. Check them out for lots of great safety tips.

  • - This site holds lots of good information for parents.
  • - If you are a clued up kid or a puzzled pensioner, there is something here to help you get the most from the internet.
  • - Learn to stay safe whilst you use the internet with Hacker and the Horrible Histories team.
  • - Most government websites are boring, but this one is great for your parents to learn how to keep you safe online. 
  • - Top tips, from downloading software to social networking, it's all here.
  • - Do you think that you 'know it all'? Then check out the childnet site to see if you are right.
  • - Very useful site for parents, with information on the risks of modern technology and how to keep children safe.

Further information can be found under the Safeguarding heading.

Supporting Young People Online

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