The Core Principles of Park Road CP School

Park Road is a one form entry community Primary school, situated in the west of Warrington, in the parish of Great Sankey. We believe passionately in 'Our Mission Statement' that we are all:

‘unique individuals learning together’

Our Core Professional Purpose

Park Road Community Primary School is an inclusive community that challenges and inspires its children in a creative and engaging way, laying the foundations for life.

Our Core Principles

  • We work as a team to achieve more; we aim collectively to empower and inspire us all to be the best we can be
  • We hold our beliefs true
  • We learn from the past to build our future – if it doesn’t work we change it
  • We look to evidence-based strategies to provide excellent and exciting teaching and learning that challenges and engages all
  • We value everyone’s opinion
  • We promote and value partnerships that provide real world contexts that give meaning and aspiration to our children and their learning
  • We challenge each other in order to move forward; we have high aspirations and are ambitious for all
  • We all take responsibility
  • We approach our work in a positive way
  • We promote life-long learning for all, and place high value on learning to learn