Creative children at Park Road Community Primary School have been developing new characters to represent Values, Attitudes and Attributes as part of their High Performance Learning (HPL) journey. 

The new characters were created last half term by the HPL team along with the Innov8 team and were introduced to the rest of the school in assembly this week.   

The characters introduced so far will be displayed in classrooms and class teachers will continue to refer to HPL character values throughout the school day.   


Empathetic Ellie  
Empathetic Ellie makes a really good friend and is very good at putting herself in your shoes she will work collaboratively, listen to the views of others and share her own ideas. 

Ellie also shows concern not only for friends and family but for the world, she knows that her contribution can help and support those less fortunate. 




Agile Alex 
Agile Alex has an enquiring mind. He takes risks and is confident to experiment with new ideas. 

Alex is open-minded in his thinking and he understands the importance of listening to others and will change his mind if he thinks they are right. 

Alex is creative and enterprising and is willing to look at and develop new ideas when presented with a challenge. 




Hardworking Hattie 
Hardworking Hattie is, as her name says, a hard worker. 

She realizes the importance of practicing and persevering when she finds something challenging. She doesn’t give up when facing these obstacles but works hard and systematically until she’s reached her goal. 

Hattie is resilient and she remains confident and positive and will always bounce back after a challenging time! 


Great work everyone!