Shrimps, fish and snails have set up home in Park Road Community Primary School’s Year 3 classroom as the children learn more about how to be expert fish keepers. 

The pupils are taking part in Fishkeeper Fry which is a national initiative run by Maidenhead Aquatics.  As part of the scheme the pupils will be building up a tropical fish tank by learning new facts via a video which will be sent to them each week.

So far the class has set up the tank, added plants, cherry shrimp, four platties, and two merited snails! The children have also learnt how to test the water to ensure a safe environment for our new pets. 

Fishkeeper Fry is a video-led educational programme that has been designed specifically for primary school children by a team of aquatic experts at Maidenhead Aquatics. The 8-week lessons teach children about the science and art of keeping fish and has been designed to be delivered in the classroom by teachers. 

The resources have been developed to support the National Curriculum and to get children excited about keeping fish and understanding how to look after and care for them responsibly. 

Participating schools receive an aquarium and all the associated equipment that is used in the programme, to enable them to follow along with the films and set up and care for their own aquarium in the classroom.